Saturday, 6 April 2013

The Charity Shop

Delicate and blue
Papery glass pitchers
Old pearl necklaces
Frivolous feathery Fascinaters
Glass preserved dandelion clocks
Pretty china crockery
Pink patterned jam pots
and a baby brass elephant.

Those once loved things
Were idolised in their day.
Precious and polished,
and carefully cupboarded.
Hoarded and dusted,
and lovingly fingered.
Sitting now on a shabby shelf,
at the back of a store.
Waiting in a sordid tangle,
of many other,
once loved,
in a stuffy shop,
for charity,
to be redistributed,
and make others happy,
to be loved once more,
to clothe the needy
and feed the poor.

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