Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Memories of Scotland

Fresh dark air at an emptying train station.
Feeling the strength of the mountains around me,
at midnight.
Waking up to see Ben Nevis for the first time
Riding a penduluming gondola,
to Ben's summit in a February gale,
very scary, without a parachute.

Travelling past Loch Eil
and meeting the mountains there.
They glow golden in the low light
with skirts of
rust bright bracken,
and ruby birch tree buds.

Such beautiful mountains must be female.
with their memories,
alluring and strong,
They thumped at my heart,
like a begger at a rich mans door,
 I had to let them in.

Whenever I am relaxed
it's because I'm with them.
Feeling Loch water wash my feet.
Hearing the waves
rustle their pebbles.
As the waters of the Loch breath out, so do I,
as the Loch breaths in,
so do I.

I am with the mountains in the moon light,
as I fall asleep, and an eagle watches over us.
I'll keep these golden mountains in my heart,
and they will keep it beating strongly,
so that I may be with them soon, once again.

A stag stood proudly,
saluting us,
like a figurine in a shaken snow globe.
But the train hurried past,
we had to go.

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