Friday, 16 December 2011

Christmas thoughts

It's been an interesting year for me.
I had to overcome my hospital phobia in order to have another laparoscopy which this time made me better, and  renewed my faith in the medical profession. (The last one (in a London hospital) left me with M.E., lost me a well paid job, my home,my garden and boyfriend (you soon discover who your friends are, when you are ill long term))
My eternal thanks to Dr Hamilton and the nurses in the overnight stay ward at the Treatment Centre, and the absolute angels working in the A&E Dept. all in Hinchingbrooke Hospital. I owe them a massive debt of gratitude, They are Brilliant!

This year I took part in the most art exhibitions I have ever done, and held my own solo exhibition. I cannot say it was a huge sell out success, but I learnt a lot. The last exhibition, at Cottenham Village College, was in a very impressive exhibition space, totally gorgeous actually.
I'm now working on a commissioned cat portrait, my favourite subject, a very fluffy black cat with a cute turned up nose called Coco. I took a few nice photos of her before she became more interested in sitting on her "Mum's" lap with her back to me!
When working from photo's you may have to adjust the perspective of the image, so that the head isn't too big if it was nearest, or the body too small if it was furthest from the camera lens. That's what I'm doing now, sketching/ ironing out issues of perspective.

Now that Christmas is over, yippee! (apologies to fans of the Christmas madness thing) I thought it would be good to look forward to the Spring. I love watching the birds at this time of year, being near an RSPB reserve and the fens there are many to watch. Recently I was surprised to see a massive Heron land at the end of our garden. He then just casually strutted 150ft to our cottage, after looking through the Fairy Gateway we installed between gardens (for easy access to all the drunken fairies that live under our apple trees) and, after sussing out that the neighbours pond was empty, took off and flew over our roof tops. I suppose he was heading for the next pond on his (good restaurant guide) list. Amazing wing span!

Anyway here is my poem offering for the forthcoming season, written last year at the same time.

A Spring Sunset

Greasy black birds,
 flying by,
Dip dark wings,
In a liquid gold sky.
Glowing ember clouds
Kiss the sun,
Even as its last rays are done.

Smokey clouds
Roll and curl,
Embracing the gold,
With rain filled desire.
Creating purple and rosy blushes,
On a pale aqua sky,

As the evening chorus begins to cry,
Then Hushes.

Happy New Year!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

A Poem about Felix our crazy black and white cat, " A Happy Cat"

I have a daft,
dribbly pussums,
going gooey
on the cat-nip,
he smells of the tiddle,
on the Juniper
in the middle.
But you have to forgive him,
when he's a purring
and a dribbling,
and he head-butts
your hand,
for a fuss
on demand.
Even when your writing,
his pink nose is so inviting,
his soft cuteness,
so delighting.