Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Birth and Death in one weekend

Saturday, mid January, we visited my maternal Aunt and cousins for the first time,since the birth of my four month old, second cousin.
Mother and daughter are both beautiful and equally lucky to have each other and a very proud father. My cousin is a "mature"  (Yummy) Mummy and nearly died following a Cesarean with complications. I was very relieved to see them both looking so well and happy.
Some people can be negative about mature parent-hood, but I can see how their baby girl will benefit from this-they adore her (we all do)! - How many young people have children they weren't really ready for, and how miserable this makes them all?
This baby will be treasured, respected and loved, and probably break a few hearts, when she's sixteen-Good!

I returned home on a cloud, so, sooooo happy!

Sunday evening, our darling fluffy cat Purrdy, died.
She had been ill for months, but her pain relief drug (metacam) and a "business as usual" outlook, had kept her going far longer than anticipated, by us and the vets.
She developed breathing problems, so despite our plans to call the vet to her for her euthanasia, (it being a Sunday night, none were available for a home visit). We rushed her to the out-of-hours clinic.
The lady vet on duty was wonderful, she sensed my panic and calmed me down, and saw that my husband,(Purrdy's "owner") needed time to agree to her final injection.
Purrdy's death was very easy, very quick and virtually pain free. I hope when I go, it will be that easy.

Meeting my baby second cousin for the first time, the day before, had put my feelings for our cats into perspective. I was able to see them as cats again, not as the surrogate babies I had made them into. Maybe this helped me to cope with Purrdy's death.

Purrdy is buried by her favourite, sunny garden bench, near compost heap and hedge which she used to "stake out" for mice. 
I dreamt about her a few weeks after her death, she was curled up on the pillow next to my head and purring in my ear, it was "just business as usual" for her, bless her!


Soft spreading paws
Large and light
as shuttlecocks,
little whirlwind
through our home,
Lovely tabby
hearth rug,
short speedy,
rushing legs.

Huffy fluffy,
perfect pussy.
Bowled us over,
with your special
of feline affection.
Rushing from dinner,
to a secret convention.
With the mice,
or, the yowly Toms,
Our Bouncer of the
conifer corridor.
Spread belly up
Purring in the sun.

We are your loyal household
You were our
darling Queen,
we loved your wild ways
and wide eyed humour.
The house feels empty now,
despite the youngster's miaow,
you can be called
no more.
Supper is just for one.
You played your part
With perfection.
But now,
your earthly days are done.