Monday, 18 January 2016

Flora Le Fluff and Freddie Bun-dle say Hi!
Rabbit Residence Rescue

Down a little country lane,
Winding down a sunny slope
Dwell lots of darling bunnies,
Once homeless, now full of hope.
Caroline is their guardian
Fiercely strong and kind
tirelessly she works for them,
rabbit welfare on her mind.

This is bunny boot camp
a life or death affair,
Re-homing little Lagomorphs
whose owners couldn't care.

For whatever reason,
We are all orphans here,
No matter how we bob our tails, or twitch our noses dear.
We're only living now,
Because Caroline made things fare.

Some of us were beyond our owners cope,
Other's had owners who were just plain broke.
There are bereaved bunnies blue,
who need love from you.
And ones that misbehaved,
their homes they loved to chew.
Worse still are the neglected ones,
left paddling in their own poo.

We don't like to fuss
But our silent protest didn't work for us.
We are peaceful creatures
and we cannot speak to shout
We can't phone our politician
All we can do is stomp about.
Thank Frith for Bunnie Boot Camp.
We get proper treatment here
And run about our ramshackle ways,
Forgetting all our fear.