Sunday, 14 April 2013

Spring is coming

Walk slowly down the garden,
tread carefully on the lawn.
There are fairies in the daises,
they came here with the dawn.

A baby deer waits for his Mum,
under the apple tree,
while watching Fairies playing,
and eating Cow Parsley.

Squirrels scold the Fairies,
for having too much fun,
but they're too busy, burying nuts
to see what work they've done.

The little folk are so worn out,
by the afternoon,
they have to nap in Honeysuckle's leaves,
while waiting for her to bloom,

They are waiting for blossom time,
as they tend to Daisy posies.
Then they can drink
Honesuckle wine,
and sleep among the Roses.


  1. I love this one Andrea. Its so sweet and I can imagine the fairies and the squirrels. Its just lovely.


  2. Thanks Joan, there really are fairies here you know, and one of the squirrels nearly got caught by a cat yesterday, it ran up onto our roof and would'nt come down until June called her cat in, and I went in with my cat. It's a jungle out there!