Wednesday, 12 December 2012


It's the twelfth of the twelfth of the twelfth,
and the squirrels are scurrying with stealth.
Fluffy fat robins are hop bobbing
all around this frosty morning,
hoar frost glitters the trees
sparkling white tendrils on biting blue sky,
and sugar coats the berries.
This is surely an auspicious date
One that I'll never see again
Perhaps we should celebrate,
this calculation made by clever men.
Some peanuts for the creatures,
a robin for the cat,
For me, a large hot chocolate,
and a very silly hat.


  1. I happen to have worn silly hats most of my working life and especially appreciate the closing line of your excellent poem. My compliments!

  2. Thanks Geo. one cannot have enough silly hats I was thinking about my knitted pink hat with pointed ears on top, now I have just dusted off a wide brimmed straw hat, in the hope that I will soon be needing it, perhaps thats why its raining today! its taken this long for me to be able to reply due to computer trouble, it would'nt let me, its a nasty computer.