Thursday, 12 July 2012


Bertie Chirpington came to stay,
On a feathery, fluttering,
Valentines day.

I said, "you're the prettiest thing I know"
He said, "I'd really rather go"
I said, "You're just a baby, so very sweet,
here's a finger on which to perch your feet",

He stretched his wings and flapped away.
Surely he'll return my love some day?

Speaking softly I stroked his breast,
He said "I miss my mothers nest".

They said "He's happy in his cage"
He twisted up and squawked with rage!
I said "It's far too little for his needs".
Then fed him up with honeyd seeds.

"We'll get plenty of money,
and buy a big aviary"
I promised my darling blue boy.

And so it started, my epic search,
For the ultimate Budgie perch.

I flapped and tweeted,
On facebook I bleeted,
Eventually I found it!
A home for his harmony.
Flat packed and bubble wrapped
and flown in,
from Germany.

Bertington Chirpy,
My blue flapping birdy,
I love your exoticness.
As you call to the wild birds,
from an open window,
I'm reminded of your restlessness.

If I let you out
would you flap about
With terror and surprise?

Or dance a feathered tango,
In a butterfly rainbow,
Bringing joy to my eyes.

Chirping all night long,
Your happy Budgie song.
Flying home in dewy hours,
With cherry blossom flowers;
Coo,cooing your dovey love song,
Just for me.

In my crowded little cage,
Of dust and anxiety.

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